Vision and Mission


To build and sustain meaningful environments one team at a time.



Facilitate research, discussions, and collaborations in order to accurately define meaningful work environments.


Educate and lead organizations and teams to build and sustain meaningful work environments.


Apply and motivate individuals and teams to engage within and be successful within meaningful work environments.

Principles and Beliefs

Technologies and changing population demographics will change the way we do work. Therefore, workforce development, work design and leadership strategies need to be modernized.

People have choices relative to where they work. People are no longer satisfied working in environments that are not meaningful.

The future will be about meaningful cultures, where cultures are founded on principles of dignity, respect and the uniqueness of all individuals.

Therefore, we need to:

  • Develop organizational cultures that are built within the fundamental principles of dignity, respect and meaningful environments.
  • Build Human Resource structures and processes that recognize the uniqueness of the individual.
  • Create organizations that are based on the principle of One System – One Team.
  • Support and teach people to fully engage within this new One System – One Team environment .