Keynote Topic

The Power Of Narrative Leadership

Changing The Tone In Work And Life With Positive Stories

The stories we hear shape our beliefs. Beliefs shape our leadership styles and the way we perceive the world. Yet at times the tone of these stories feels negative and biased, leading to unproductive social interactions and sub-optimal decisions in our organizations.

We have the power to change the tone of the story to positively re-shape our beliefs, confront unconscious biases, and take a broader, systems viewpoint of our environments. We can change the tone of the story to focus on what matters: the positive events happening in our world. This new narrative can help us become better leaders and make more effective decisions in work and life.

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses the power of narrative leadership.

Building upon his award-winning business books and award-winning novel – Drift and Hum – Robert explores how to:

  • Understand the power of story in our lives and connect the art of narrative to business and our leadership effectiveness.
  • Gain awareness of unconscious bias and overcome its negative impact by viewing our environments from a systems perspective.
  • Leverage the power of narrative leadership in personal reflection to create change.

Let’s change the tone to stories that matter.


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