Keynote Topic

Supply Chain Risk – The Next Frontier

The Post Covid Supply Chain

As we return to some economic normalcy and stability after the COVID-19 crisis, how will we improve corporate supply chains — and be ready for the next disruption?

What is our supply chain risk relative to sensing, receiving and fulfilling a customer order in the event of planned and/or unplanned changes in demand or other supply chain dynamics?

What strategic improvements do we need to make in our supply chains relative to purpose, principles, people, processes, and partners?

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses a best-in-class framework to assess and reduce supply chain risk that organizations will need to perform in order to build flexibility and improve performance through visibility, capability, and resilience:

Robert will discuss the importance of this tri-ad framework, touching upon:


Visibility: Our ability to sense changes in supply chain dynamics and share relevant information as we respond.


Capability: Our ability to plan and execute an operational plan to meet the new supply chain requirements with great speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Resilience: Our ability to successfully manage and quickly adapt to day-to-day activities during unplanned events.


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