Keynote Topic

One System – One Team

The Future of Work and Continuous Improvement

Technology, pandemics, and disruptive business models are fundamentally changing the nature of work and the relationship between people and process. As leaders, we are tasked with remaining relevant and competitive all while reducing business risk in a world of uncertainty.

Nobody really knows what work will look like in twenty years, but we do know that leadership strategies will change as we connect people, process, and technology to these new work dynamics.As leaders, we will need to focus on envisioning and executing a modern view of work and continuous improvement. This new environment may be characterized as a business culture that is described as One System – One Team.

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses the essence of the future of work and what this means to us as leaders. Robert will address the concept of One System – One Team thinking, while also reflecting on lessons learned from his own career in the pursuit of building lean cultures of continuous improvement.

In this presentation, Robert will examine.


How might the fundamental dynamics of work change into the future?


What are the leadership implications of this new view of work?


What do we mean by One System – One Team?


What have we learned so far in our journey to build lean cultures of continuous improvement?


How can we get started today to prepare for the future?


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