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Make Work Meaningful

The Human CEO’s Strategy

Our care for people isn’t at odds with our business pursuits or public responsibilities. It is compatible with, even essential to, those goals.

Technology, social and political dynamics, and disruptive business models are fundamentally changing the nature of work and the relationships between people and the work we perform.

The Human CEO’s Strategy

As leaders, we are tasked with the combined goals of remaining relevant and competitive all while navigating the human elements of changing environments and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies and other business disruptions will fundamentally change how we work.

While nobody really knows what work will look like in twenty years, we do know that leadership needs to change as we understand and connect the roles and relationships of people to these new work dynamics. In addition, we know that leaders will need to focus on building cultures of continuous improvement through respecting people and the valuable attributes they possess.

This introduces the idea of a “human leader” — one who is focused on respecting people by fostering meaningful relationships with work and technology. When this happens, people are empowered to continuously improve and create more value.

Transforming into this type of culture will be the primary role of future leaders.

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses the future of leadership.

  • What it means to think and act like a “human leader”.
  • How the nature of work and working environments are changing now and into the future.
  • The importance of making work meaningful and what it means to accomplish this.
  • Three core dynamics inside a culture of continuous improvement: respect, knowledge, courage.
  • A powerful framework to guide our transformation into a culture of continuous improvement: Transformation Alignment, Leadership Participation, Team Member Success, Process Ownership.
  • How to bridge conceptual insights to tangible action items in order to determine, “What will we do with this on Monday morning?”.

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