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What is TrailPaths…

TrailPaths is a community that is focused on the “People and Human” side of the future of work, the future of leadership and the future of workforce development. We are a group of like-minded practitioners who want to trailblaze the paths that will allow organizations and individuals to develop, engage within and sustain meaningful environments. This work is looking into the past, present and future to disseminate and leverage our collective lessons learned while attempting to build meaningful work environments guided by principles of Dignity and Respect.

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What we believe

Technologies and changing population demographics will change the way we do work. Therefore, workforce development, work design and leadership strategies need to be modernized.

People have choices relative to where they work. People are no longer satisfied working in environments that are not meaningful.

The future will be about meaningful cultures, where cultures are founded on principles of dignity, respect and the uniqueness of all individuals.

Therefore, we need to:


Develop organizational cultures that are built within the fundamental principles of dignity, respect and meaningful environments.


Build Human Resource structures and processes that recognize the uniqueness of the individual.


Create organizations that are based on the principle of One System – One Team.


Support and teach people to fully engage within this new One System – One Team environment .

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Meet Robert Martichenko

Complexity, technology and workfore demographics are fundamentally changing the nature of work and the relationships between people and the work they perform. Yet, our care for people doesn’t have to be at odds with our business pursuits or public responsibilities. Rather, it is compatible with, even essential to these goals.

Robert Martichenko is an industry thought leader, business and fiction author, and two-time winner of the Shingo Research Award for advancing the body of knowledge of Operational Excellence through his publications. In 2015, The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) awarded Robert with the Distinguished Service Award, the highest recognition achievable for professionals in the supply chain industry.

Robert is an active speaker addressing topics such as lean, operations management, the future of workforce development, narrative leadership, supply chain risk and creating meaningful environments.

Robert Speaking Testimonials

He shares personal examples and gives attendees something tangible

Robert really connects with the audience and shares a story that motivates and inspires the audience to want to achieve great things. He shares personal examples and gives attendees something tangible that they can immediately use in their organizations.

Mary Price, Events Manager
Shingo Institute, Home of the Shingo Prize

His capabilities extend far beyond being well-informed and knowledgeable

While it is a given that Robert Martichenko is a proven industry expert, his capabilities extend far beyond being well-informed and knowledgeable. One of Robert’s exceptional capabilities is to communicate relevant concepts in an informative and interesting style. As a result, he is able to instill a sense of urgency and enthusiasm in everything he does, including speaking and communicating with industry representatives. He is a master at making the complicated seem simple, and the simple seem extraordinary.

C. John Langley Jr., Ph.D.,
Penn State University

He is able to deftly walk the fine line between professional subject matter expert and trusted friend

Robert Martichenko is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He is able to deftly walk the fine line between professional subject matter expert and trusted friend. When Robert finishes a talk, you are left feeling grateful for having learned something, and excited to go meet the guy. You believe him, you are entertained by him, and you know darned well you’d like to have him over to the house for a barbecue. Things never said at one of Martichenko’ s speeches: “I wish this guy would hurry up and finish.

John Nycz
Senior Consultant

He is a master of transforming even the most complex concepts into an experience

I’ve seen firsthand Robert’s unique gift of engaging groups large and small. He is a master of transforming even the most complex concepts into an experience that is entertaining, enlightening and most importantly actionable. When we’re fortunate enough to have Robert speak at one of our events, attendees always ask us to “get him back.

Mark Richards
Associated Warehouse Inc.