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Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade

Building on the precedence created by other great lean books, Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade brings lean back to its original simplicity by showing how lean is alive in a first grade classroom.

Written to educate the entire organization

This book connects lean tools to the lean journey, shows how to identify and eliminate waste, and aids the reader in seeing lean for what it truly is: to create a learning and problem solving culture. Written to educate the entire organization on the fundamentals of lean thinking, this is the perfect source to engage all team members at all levels of an organization.

A simple, fun, and quick-read introduction to lean thinking to give to acquaintances, associates, and family members.”

– John Shook, Lean Enterprise Institute

“This is a great book for introducing people to Lean — maybe particularly for those outside of traditional manufacturing settings. My mom, an elementary school teacher, found it a good read in terms of ideas that she would want to see in her school. But that’s not the primary intent of the book. It shows that lean methods and concepts are pretty universal and can be applied in any setting. It shows that lean helps get the most out of everyone’s ability and is not a “mean” cost-cutting methodology or anything to be afraid of, which is true of lean if it’s implemented properly. Very good book. Fun for those who already know lean, instructive for those who are new to lean.”

– Mark Graban, Lean Author, Speaker, Consultant

“Robert has captured the essence of lean and communicated it in a way we can all relate to. We frequently recommend the book to organizations seeking to become lean enterprises.”

– Mark Wallace, Executive Vice President of Operations, Pratt Corporation