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Drift and Hum

Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best First Fiction Book

Drift and Hum is a captivating debut novel about the kite ride of life and dealing with obstacles along the way. The story is told through the eyes of Sam, a 50-year-old South Carolina man who reflects from the present day back to his Canadian childhood to make sense of all of the challenges and universal entropy he has faced. His journey includes an extraordinary bond and friendship with three other boys as the four “Beaver Brothers” embark on adventure after adventure in their quest for peace of mind in the Canadian North and the American South.

Storytelling at its best

Drift and Hum offers storytelling at its best, weaving through heights of laughter to lows of sorrow, with twist after twist. The characters will linger in your memory long after you finish the book, as will the powerful themes of father-son relationships and the coaching and mentoring we receive as we grow.

If you have been blessed with success and happiness in your life, this is your story. If you have dealt with personal tragedy, this is your story. If you treasure friendship, this is your story. If you are a survivor, this is definitely your story.

“This one has it all. A real page turner. Martichenko has written a novel that should not be missed. This book is very well researched for those who enjoy learning as they read. The characters are colorful and well developed. It was a blast getting to know them. Martichenko is a first rate story teller but the book possesses a lot more…drama, humor, sadness, poetry and most of all, wisdom to live by, as told by the elders and interpreted by young men in search of their identity. What a great debut for Martichenko. If you like Bryson, you will love this one.”

– Amazon Reviewer

“The adventures of the irrepressible ‘Beaver Brothers’ will capture your heart as they navigate the journey into adulthood in the far north.”

– Carole Boyd, Professional Copy Editor and NPR Contributor

“Part present, part past, part music, part poetry, part Canada, part USA, part home, part road trip, part pain, part happiness…but ALL story. This is, hands down, the best book I have ever read.”

– Jane Young, Retired Educator