Keynote Topic

Creating Meaningful Environments

Lessons in Leadership – The Human Spectrum

Technology, pandemics, social and political dynamics, and disruptive business models are fundamentally changing the nature of work and the relationships between people and the work we perform. While nobody knows for certain how work will evolve into the future, we do know that leadership strategies and organizational cultures will also evolve as we connect the roles and relationships of people to these new work dynamics.

Adding to these changes, we now have decades of experience and lessons learned through our efforts in Lean thinking and the building of business cultures focused on continuous improvement. While there have been many lessons learned, we know for certain that the future of work will have a focus of One System – One Team.

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses some of these Lessons in Lean and Leadership as they relate to the Human Spectrum.

In this session, Robert will discuss:


Workforce Development: How is work and workforce development fundamentally changing and what may be the future implications of these changes?


Lessons in Lean: What are some of our most important Lessons in Lean that will allow us to build upon a solid foundation of learning for the future of work and leadership?


The Human Spectrum: What do we mean by the Human Spectrum and how do we lead within a human-focused environment?


One System – One Team: What will it mean for us as leaders to achieve a goal of One System – One Team?


Creating Meaningful Environments: How will we create a roadmap to bridge conceptual insights to tangible action items to determine, “What will we do with this on Monday morning?”


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