Keynote Topic

Building Cultures Of Continuous Improvement

Lessons in Lean: Lessons in Leadership

Even within all the disruption in business today, one commonality exists in that progressive organizations are working to create cultures that drive continuous improvement. In fact, it can be argued that survival today requires a thoughtful approach to drive meaningful improvement results across the enterprise holistically.

And for those who build these cultures, it is known that this work is very rewarding while being challenging at the same time.

One certainty is that building organizational cultures of continuous improvement is an evolution and a never-ending search for opportunities and hidden profit.

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses his lessons learned while implementing and practicing lean thinking across many industries and organizations.

Both reflective and forward looking, Robert examines how today’s business leaders need to become systems thinkers in order to drive effective decisions that lead to discovering hidden profit.

This thought-provoking presentation will teach and share knowledge relative to:


Understanding: Understanding the progression and maturing process relative to building cultures of continuous improvement.


Learning: Learning leadership techniques and strategies to successfully become a systems thinker to engage our teams while creating a high-performance organization.


Creating: Create an actionable plan to immediately identify quick wins and long-term improvements by recognizing opportunities within the business holistically.


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